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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Almost overwhelmed..... the sheer number of moths which visited the MV trap in the alder grove at Cwmllwyd last night. I lost count at 300 and recorded over 60 macro species, as well as a few micros. There were 18 FFY macros, mostly common moths, but including three lifers for me, these were:

 Beautiful Carpet

Red-necked Footman

 Silver Hook

Other FFYs included:

 Waved Carpet - last seen here  in 2011

Dot Moth - not seen since 2013.


  1. Silver hook - that`s a good one and a moth that I have n`t seen for some years. I used to (very rarely) find them, by day, on wet, sedgy `rhos`.
    The numbers that you had prove how worthwhile it was to trap - I hope that others took advantage too.

  2. Oooh, Silver Hook is lovely! Like Ian, I used to see this species quite often in rhos in Pembrokeshire, but haven't seen one for ages.

  3. Also present: Ghost Moth x 2, Map-winged Swift x 4, Double Line x 9, Coronet x 6, Dagger sp. x 4, Small Elephant x 3 and Grey Arches x 1.