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Friday, 10 July 2015

Accidental Tiger hunt

I had just given up and was on my way back to the car after a 20 minute battle with a gusty wind on the north side of Mynydd Llanllwni, and something yellow and black flew past.  A dangerous chase across the hillside was successful: Carmarthenshire's 6th record of Wood Tiger!!  E.C. Pelham Clinton had 3 on Llanllwni in the 1980s, so it's not a new site, but very exciting.  The location is arrowed in the photo.

I saw a few Micros: Rhopobota myrtillana on Billberry (photo), Celypha lacunana, lots of Micropterix aruncella, and a very pale Bryotropha that needs dissection (photo), but otherwise it was very hard work.  My only other Macro, a Silver Y, was disappointing.  Still, I'm on cloud 9!

when you find a Silver Y resting on a bilberry-covered mountain you hope it's going to be Scarce! 


  1. Brilliant, Sam - many congratulations and very well done!

  2. That is a stunning moth, which appears to be remarkably scarce in South Wales.

  3. It should be on your mountain too, Steve!

  4. Just seen the blog - a really great find Sam.