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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

A warm night at Cnwc

It was balmy warm with a light southerly breeze last night, so I stayed up with the MV until 00:15 hoping for an exciting migrant.  A Turnip (photo), 3 Silver Y and a Rusty-dot Pearl were not as good as I'd hoped for!  Maybe I should have left the trap running until dawn instead, or maybe Barry and Ian intercepted all the migrants further SE in the county.  George has pointed out that my Turnip looks more like Heart & Club because its wings don't look particularly long & narrow.  I'm now feeling rather uncertain, though it did look long-winged when I examined it this morning and the photo angle may make it look odd.  Heart & Club would be new for Cnwc, but a wanderer from the south of the county would be quite plausible.  Any thoughts from others would be welcome!

Anyway, the resident species turned up in good numbers: 72 spp of Macro and 32 of Micro.  Highlights were 1 May Highflyer (photo; new for Cnwc), 1 Campion (photo; new for Cnwc), 1 Bryotropha affinis (photo; new for Cnwc), 2 Epiblema trimaculana (new for Cnwc), 1 Agapeta zoegana (new for Cnwc), 1 Amblyptilia punctidactyla (new for Cnwc), 2 Northern Spinach (photo; 2nd Cnwc record), 1 Ingrailed Clay (2nd Cnwc record), 1 Poplar Grey (photo; 2nd Cnwc record), 3 Map-winged Swift, 2 Double-line, 1 Lesser Cream Wave, 1 Waved Carpet, 2 Red-necked Footman, 1 Striped Wainscot, 1 Acentria ephemerella, 3 Eudonia delunella and 1 Coleophora albicosta.  4 new Micros and 2 new Macros is a good haul!

Turnip (or Heart & Club?) & Campion
May Highflyer & Bryotropha affinis

Northern Spinach & Poplar Grey

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  1. It is a good haul and just reward for all your efforts over time.