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Saturday, 27 June 2015

Was it all just a dream?

Did I really get so lucky ten days ago? I had to go back up the Cennen ravine to find out!

In fact, the real reason for a return visit was to see if there are sufficient Grey Scalloped Bars up there to confirm the likelihood of a breeding population, rather than just vagrants from elsewhere. And there are, I think:
The selected trap site: possibly the only level ground within a square mile! Getting ready to set up.

 Grey Scalloped Bar: two more individuals were found.

 Only 33 moths of 15 species were found (my little actinic trap is never very prolific), but they included Smoky Wave x 2, so I'm really pleased: another first for me!

Crambus lathoniellus was also found.


  1. Steve, that's brilliant. Surely you've hit upon a resident population of GSB?

  2. Yes, a really important confirmation. The top find of the year, so far (and likely to remain so).
    In haste - Ian