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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Trapping Last Night

No Bordered Straws or Scarlet Tigers here - yet.  Just the usual array of seasonal species visited my actinic trap last night, a quick guesstimate suggests 40 individuals of 25 species but several are micros whose identities I haven't yet established.  One new record for me, a Poplar Grey, or so I believe:

Others worthy of mention are an Oblique Carpet and a small Pug:

Nice of you to suggest that my pugging is improving, Ian, but I'm still very much dependant on the advice of more experienced and knowledgable fellow moth-ers.  This one is a case in point, at first because of its small size (9mm FW) and fairly large discal spot I thought that it might be an Oak-tree Pug, but the markings are somewhat similar to the Foxglove Pug - is it more likely to be a very small and somewhat faded example of this species?

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