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Saturday, 13 June 2015

Thursday Night's Pugs

I'm hoping that there are some Pug-aware people (Puggers for short) out there who might be prepared to help me with the identification of these:

My thoughts are that 1,2,5,6 are Currant Pugs (smallish, broad forewings, large discal spot, white tornal/sub-terminal marks); 3 Ash Pug (larger, narrow wings, discal spot); 4 Common Pug (no discal spot, hint of white sub-terminal marks); 7 Grey Pug (different from the above, most likely alternative!)  


  1. Chris, a good pug selection. I'd agree with all of those except perhaps 6, in which the discal spot looks too narrow and the wing shape doesn't look quite right. I wonder if this is a Common with an unusually prominent discal spot?

    Well done with the Ash, never seen that one.

  2. As always your input is very welcome, George. I was more than a little doubtful about 6 because the discal spot was smaller than on the other Currant Pugs, did consider White-spotted but the white marks on the forewing form a band rather than discrete spots, which seems more like Common.

  3. It is too brown for white-spotted, which is a very grey moth. Overall colour and wing shape look good for Common.

  4. You`re developing a good expertise with the pugs Chris - well done! Better than me - I`m an useless pugger!