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Sunday, 28 June 2015

Three Micros from Friday Night

Help with these would be much appreciated.  The first I have provisionally named:

Lathronympha strigana

The second I believe is a Coleophora species, but would it be possible to say which one from the photos?

The third I have very little hope of identifying but am including it nevertheless:

Thank you to anyone brave enough to volunteer an opinion!


  1. Looks like C discordella, a Bird's-foot Trefoil feeder. Nice photo.

    L. strigana looks good. Wouldn't like to say on the 3rd one, probably one of the rush feeding Coleophora.

  2. Thank you George. I should have checked with Chris Manley 2nd edn., it's a good likeness for the illustration of C discordella.

  3. I think it's probably a common but under-recorded species. You can find the larval cases and mines on Bird's-foot Trefoil in the spring.