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Friday, 26 June 2015

The migrants stood me up!

Two traps were set out in my garden last night (25/6), in the hope of catching something migratory, but there was not even a single silver y to be seen this morning. Instead, there was a fair array of resident moths in reasonable numbers. There`s hot weather forecast next week, so the moths may improve!

Above: the rather local common wainscot.
Above: grass rivulet.
Above: lilac beauty, with its curiously-folded forewings.
Above: Caloptila stigmatella or robustella? It`s got the white-spur laterally (of stigmatella) but there`s the purple suffusion aft of it (as in robustella).
Above: Apotomis turbidana (please correct me if wrong).
Above: what is this please?


  1. Well done on the Lilac Beauty Ian. I thought that I had a monopoly of them!

  2. stigmatella is correct, but the Apotomis looks more like Hedya nubiferana. No idea what your mystery one is sorry?