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Sunday, 21 June 2015


I had great plans last night to run two traps - my MV in its usual place and a portable actinic out in one my parents' wet meadows. Sadly my MV bulb has cracked and is no longer functional so I had to make do with only the latter.
About 30 species in total with the majority of the trap being full of Glyphipterix thrasonella and Scoparids. I'm rubbish at these so can anyone point me in the right direction with these two please?
I get plenty of Double lines at Parc Slip but not too many here (none last year) so this very fresh example was a nice find:
I caught 2 other species that i didn't catch last year - may highflyer and small seraphim. The most attractive moth of the lot was a pristine gold spot:
Other firsts for the year: nut-tree tussock, pale tussock, heart and dart, marbled minor agg. (loads!), campion, buff ermine, flame and setaceous hebrew character. The other micros were Celypha lacunana, Chrysoteuchia culmella and a single Elachista albifrontella. There was also a smart little soldier beetle: Cantharis pellucida. Now off to order some new MV bulbs...


  1. Probably both ambigualis, assuming size was about right for that species.

  2. OK, thanks George (i was too tired to think of putting a scale underneath them...)