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Sunday, 14 June 2015

Quick post: some moths

I put out six traps last night (13/6), mostly `away from home` mobile actinics, but the results were disappointing (fairly low numbers and variety) - and I`m still kicking myself for only trapping at home last Thursday, when conditions were perfect.
I offer just two moths below, one of which (the noctuid), I`m stuck on.
The first photo shows what I believe is the gelechiid Exotelia dodecella, caught in a trap placed below a Scot`s pine that I planted in my late parents` garden.

The second moth shown below (two views) is confusing me - I`ve tried various brocades/brindles but I cannot come to a conclusion - maybe it`s just my tiredness! Note the reddish colouration in parts (I did consider beautiful brocade at one stage - tempted by the photo on p 455 in the Clancy et al field guide, but some characters look wrong). Suggestions please!


  1. Exoteleia looks good.

    Noctuid looks like an Apamea, probably Dusky Brocade. You can rule out the other group of brocades (hadeninae) by checking the eyes, which are hairy in this group but not in the Apameas.

  2. Thanks George. It certainly now looks like a dusky brocade - now that you`ve told me! Did n`t know about the `hairy eye info` - useful...thanks again.