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Thursday, 25 June 2015

Quick Post - some `away from home` trapping

I put out four actinics last night: at an area of riverside fen & willows in the Millennium Coastal Park at Pwll; in Stradey Woods; a suburban garden on the western outskirts of Llanelli and Furnace Quarry. Moth numbers and variety were good, but nothing of special interest was caught, though some useful records were made. The latter includes barred red and Eudonia delunella at Stradey Woods, dingy shell and silky wainscot at the MCP, Pwll site and a shoulder-striped wainscot at Furnace Quarry. No migrants were caught, but tonight looks promising, with southerlies forecast - so, please try to trap.

                                Above: a well-marked silky wainscot, one of several caught.
                              Above: a poor, out-of-focus `record shot` of Eudonia delunella.
                                         Above: shoulder-striped wainscot at Furnace Quarry.

....and a couple of photos, showing two of the sites where the traps were left: riverside fen and white willows Salix alba, osiers Salix viminalis etc at Pwll and the Stradey Woods site.


  1. Well done with delunella, a nice moth...for a scoparid. We've caught a few of these on recent nights, trapping for Scarce Hook-tip in Wye Valley (see Gwent blog).

  2. I`ve harboured a `long-shot` (and probably extremely unlikely) hunch that scarce hook-tip may occur on the native small-leaved lime population in the Sawdde Gorge.

  3. Oooh - has anyone trapped there? (or is it too inaccessible?). Although the hook-tip is unlikely, there's always the chance of Pauper Pug or one of the specialist lime-feeding micros.

  4. It`s the area S of Pontarllechau, on the main A4069 between the Tywi Valley and Mynydd Du/Ammanford area, approx between grid refs c SN728245 and 730240. I could get the grid refs of the main Tilia stands off Richard Pryce. It`s a bit far for me, but Steve Clarke lives not too far away, so he may join you. As the main road is adjacent, walking distance to a trap site is easy, but you`d have to position traps (esp MV) so that they do n`t blind motorists.

  5. Thanks Ian, I wouldn't have time to get there myself this year though, I was rather hoping you'd be tempted :-)

  6. Perhaps we can organize something next year, as I`m behind with my planned mothing sites this year. It`ll give me time too, to clarify, in daytime, a good mothing site for our traps.