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Friday, 12 June 2015

Porky Pies!

In my last post ( "Last chance before the storms!" ) I implied that that would be my final attempt until the predicted monsoon has passed. That was disingenuous, for as the temperature rose and the wind dropped, I came over all enthused and had to trap again last night! 47 species (with some tricky ones still to do) and 8 FFY was the outcome; making a total of 59 species and 19 FFY over the two sessions - that's not at all shabby for up here! Hot picks for the night were:

 Alder Kitten

 Small Elephant Hawk-moth

The Miller

The Shears
While among the others were:

 A very hairy Lobster

and could this be a Common Lutestring? They are certainly not very common up here!

Almost forgot: Grey Birch.


  1. The Lobster is probably hairy because it's cold on the mountain, nice moths, I'm jealous of some you've caught.

  2. You`re doing well Steve.I`ve never seen a lutestring! Well done again.
    I must make a rain shelter for my trap/`s perfect again tonight and there`s striped hawk-moths out there! I must buy a house on a hill, install MV lights throughout and remove all the glass in the windows...houses are cheap in Llanelli!
    I`m not trapping - sadly - wish I was. I will - finally- blog tomorrow.