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Monday, 8 June 2015

Pembrey migrants

As well as the usual nice moth and butterfly suspects at Pembrey Forest today, there were also a few migrants in evidence. These included singles of Painted Lady and Hummingbird Hawk, but best of all was two Bordered Straw. I've never seen this species flying by day before.

Bordered Straw (netted!)
Perhaps not too surprising given the recent influx of this species, but it was the first time I'd seen one since 1998.

Other records included Marsh Fritillary (6, seen by Judy Burroughs), Dark Green Fritillary (1), and my first Meadow Brown and Five-spot Burnet of the year. Also Four-dotted Footman for the second year running at this site.

Small Blue numbers have picked up and are much higher than 2014, which is encouraging.


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  1. Lucky blighter re the bordered straw George! Well done. I`ve seen one once in daytime - at Horton on Gower in c 1993, which I remember well as (better still) I found a spider new to Wales, the little jumping spider Phlegra fasciata, which Keith Alexander also independently found elsewhere on S Gower at about the same time. Off out to NE Carms today...make hay etc!