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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Overcast, warm and windless....

....That was the weather last night (29/6) - and absolutely perfect for moth trapping. I had large numbers of moths in my garden traps (I have n`t finished det`ing and adding up yet - too busy in the garden), and there were some nice moths. The forthcoming nights will be worth trapping too, so please try your best to trap (including `repeat traps` at your home sites). No migrants last night.
I had my first common lutestring (indeed, my first lutestring), a moth that I`ve been waiting to catch for years and a species that ought to be reasonably regular with me, given the amount of nearby birch stands. I also had a micro that I believe is new to Carmarthenshire -  Ectoedemia decentella.
Some photos are offered below:

                                                         Above: common lutestring.
                                        Above: crescent plume Marasmarcha lunaedactyla.
                         Above: the wetland pyralid Calamotropha paludella (female).
Above: Ectoedemia decentella (conf. George Tordoff); associated with sycamore.

Also, double-line, shark, sloe pug (again - a good year for it), small yellow wave etc.


  1. Good work Ian - I'll definitely be trapping tonight but in Gl*****an I'm afraid!

  2. Don`t listen to that George chap!...come back to Carms!

  3. Ectoedemia decentella is new for Carms, and very beautiful for a Nepticulid! Well spotted.