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Monday, 8 June 2015

My last update - failure on the cliffs.

Yesterday, I made a visit to Telpyn Point on the western cliffs of Carmarthenshire. The weather was nice (though a stiff northerly made sweeping awkward) and I was hopeful of finding something `good` in the rather limited time that I had. The tide was in (see photo below), which prevented a quick visit to some nice, floriferous slumped cliffs in bays just to the east, and I did n`t have time to wait.

In the event, the moths seen were virtually all common species, with only a few speckled yellows and a single rush veneer being of vague interest. A tortricid caught on the cliffs raised hopes, but inspection on site suggested the ubiquitous Celypha lacunana. I took it home to i/d, `just in case` but, sadly, my initial i/d was correct.
I found the caterpillar shown below within a clump of thrift (no thrift clearwings seen, incidentally) but it does n`t match the classic coastal thrift feeders. I`ve had annulet in similar circumstances before (det. Barry Stewart) - is that a possibility?

A pleasant walk, with nice birds (choughs, Dartford warbler, peregrines, fulmars etc), but a disappointment moth-wise.
Following on from George`s useful tip-off to be `on the look-out` for forester moths on acidic pastures with sorrel Rumex, may I suggest that the same stance is taken for chimney sweepers on more neutral pastures with pignut etc, especially in N and NW Carmarthenshire.

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