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Monday, 22 June 2015

Moths at Saron

Last week's trapping attracted a reasonable selection, including a Shark, which despite being down as common in my ID book, is a first for me.

I would appreciate confirmation of this micro which I think is a Dichrorampha montanana. 


  1. I certainly don't consider Shark to be common (that book's statuses are really muddling!). There are only 40 previous Carms records, it's shy to come to light, and I only see one or two a year.

    The Dichrorampha does look to be D. montanana, although it's a troublesome genus. The blotch colour suggests that species or D. acuminatana, and the wing-tip is too blunt for the latter.

  2. Thanks Sam, I can let you have a photo of the Shark if you need it. Only similar species was Chamomile Shark but I checked the wing tips carefully and concluded Shark. I will record the micro as D. acuminatana.

  3. I should also add Sam, re D. acuminatana there were around half a dozen micros flying around a patch of yarrow. The two I managed to catch were very similar.

  4. Sorry Sally, I didn't write clearly. I think yours is montanana not acuminatana.