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Saturday, 13 June 2015

Moths at Saron

Thursday night was very successful here too with 61 species of macro and several micro. Most were common or local ones I have caught in previous years but the macro highlight for me was the Little Emerald, down as 'common' but  this was the first time I had trapped this species.

I was able to photograph several micros I have not seen before to try  and id these (very time consuming - hence delay with posting this blog!) I would appreciate help with the following I am not sure about.

Photo 1 below. Is this a Chrysoteuchia culmella (photo below)?

Photo 2 below. Is this Aethes cricana (photo below)?

Photo 3 below. I could not find a match for this one.

Photo 4 below. Is the one below Crambidae family and one of the Scoparia?

Photo 5 below. A longhorn but could not find one with a light patch at the rear?

Photo 6 below. A Crambidae, possibly be Eudonia lacustrata?

Photos 7. and 8 below.  Is this Nottocelia cynosbatella, (apologies for out of focus picture)?

Photo 9 below.  I could not identify. I had two of these.

Photo 10, I could not identify.

Photo 11, I couldn't resist photographing this handsome Black Sexton Beetle, that came to the light - and parasites!


  1. Sally - in haste (sorting out last night`s POOR catch and preparing Sunday lunch!) 3 is Aphodia sociella (`bee moth` or similar name), 7 & 8 are correct.....

  2. Sally, all your IDs look good to me.

    4 might be E delunella but photo a bit grainy so hard to be sure.

    9 is Eupoecilia angustana. 10 looks like Bactra lancealana.

    The longhorn is probably not possible to ID from the angle of the photo. Side on photos are better for these.


  3. Thanks both, I will remember to try and get a side photo of longhorns in future.