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Friday, 12 June 2015

Moth trap at Ty Croes School

I took the moth trap to Ty Croes School on Wednesday evening and returned yesterday to look through the trap with their Eco-council and pupils from a young class. It was cool and breezy on Wed night so the catch was low but we did get the 'money moths' that children love - elephant hawk moths and buff tip ('it's a twig!'). Mat and Amanda (our Marsh Frit project officer) came to help and Mat identified a shuttle-shaped dart, which I had not seen before.

Amanda then led on a session with an older group on her project and we all planted out devil's bit scabious plant in their meadow area, which they then ran wild in - lovely!

Lesson learnt - with keen young children don't worry about passing on facts just encourage the enthusiasm.


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  1. Well done again Isabel - pity it was n`t a night later, as last night was 100% perfect for trapping - but you can`t predict the weather and events are organised in advance. Keep up the good work.