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Sunday, 21 June 2015

Llansteffan moths

I have been trying to find a Bordered Straw like everyone else, and trap after trap of good moths but no Bordered Straw.  Two nights ago I tried to net a whitish moth on Valerian as suggested by Barry in a previous blog.  I don't recommend jumping around at dusk on a patch of Valerian in a bungalow estate of older persons.  I must have looked a sight when visitors came to one of the bungalows and then let out a yappy jackrussel to snap at my heels.  Not wanting to be carted away I gave up, oh well I thought onward and all that......
I was disappointed not to have caught one as I live on the coast.

Last night I trapped at a friend's small holding in Llangain and they live overlooking the river, so with hope I went through the trap this morning and I couldn't believe my luck when I found one at last.  I did a jig out of excitement, no skill on my part though in catching it.
I have read the debate about whether it is skill or luck in catching these moths or any moth for that matter, I know one thing, if you don't trap, you won't catch anything.  I owe a big thank you to my friends for letting me trap at theirs and making me great bacon & sausage sarnies and gallons of tea.
I can now cross it off my bucket list : -)


  1. Well done Mel. I still haven't had one. I had a good haul on Friday night with 4 differnet Hawk moth spp including my first Eyed Hawk moth

  2. You wanted an Eyed Hawkmoth Dai, well done.

  3. Brilliant! Well done indeed Mel. It's a shame the old folk didn't ask what you were doing, as they would probably have been interested to hear what it was you were seeking and that Bordered Straws had come to Llansteffan all the way from southern Spain.

  4. Thanks Sam, I have recruited a new couple in Llangain & next month they want me to trap at theirs cause the day after the camera club want to photograph the moths.

  5. Congratulations, Mel, on your Bordered Straw and well done for your recruitment drive!

  6. Well done - you deserve it, after your efforts.