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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Llansteffan moths

Trapped on 14th at my other site, as the weather said it would be warm, not as warm as the previous thursday but enough to get me going.

L-album Wainscot I love finding this in the trap.

 Is this a Yellow-barred Brindle, the photo doesn't do it justice?

 Is this one Phyllonorycter hilarella?

As usual many thanks to those who help.


  1. The colonisation of Carms by L-album Wainscot really is amazing. I remember finding the first one on Telpyn Point on National Moth Night 2006 - probably my only new Macro for VC44. Since then they have become regular, particularly at Llansteffan, though still very nice to see.

    The Phyllonorycter is unpleasantly worn and difficult, but P hilarella is a realistic option given the complete white bar. I'd suggest it's better abandoned I'm afraid.

  2. Ok thanks Sam, I thought I was doing well to get as far as Phyllonorycter, it was worn, I never seem to get pristine specimens to be sure of.