Thursday, 11 June 2015

Last chance before the storms!

36 species, including 11 FFY visited the MV trap at Cwmllwyd last night. Several, although common, were rather strikingly marked, so I hope you will forgive me for showing these below.

 Broom Moth

 Clouded-bordered Brindle  Apamea crenata ab. combusta

 Green Arches

 Beautiful Golden Y

Eudonia lacustrata (please tell me if I've got this one wrong)!
And I have - it's Scoparia ambigualis, thanks George! 


  1. Looks like Scoparia ambigualis to me - note brownish tinge around the stigmata, which is lacking in lacustrata.

  2. Many thanks, George. I really need to improve with micros!

  3. Some nice photos as always, Steve. I`ll do my blog (for last night) tomorrow sometime.