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Thursday, 25 June 2015


Two traps run overnight prducd 397 moths of 88 species. No surprises, the best of the bunch including Coleophora mayrella 15, Ephestia sp. 1, Figure of Eighty 2, Clay Triple-lines 1, Blomer's Rivulet 1, Scorched Wing 8, Peppered Moth ca. 50, Brussels Lace 1, Elephant Hawk-moth 13, Buff-tip ca.30, Lobster Moth 25, Marbled Brown 15, Pale Tussock 20, Dark Sword-grass 1, Double Line 7, Striped Wainscot 1, Alder Moth 3 & Beautiful Snout 1.


  1. The site is now well-worked after your ongoing sampling at this time of the year, during the BSBI annual Carmarthenshire field meeting....we`ll have to persuade Richard Pryce to change the date in future! Well done, Barry.

  2. This years meeting a few weeks earlier than usual, though not many new species