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Sunday, 7 June 2015

Foresters at Rhydcymerau

While surveying Marsh Fritillaries at Rhydcymerau on Thursday (108 of those, but that's another story), I was delighted to see Forester Moths on two sites. Both of these were boggy meadows with rushes and lots of sorrel, and very little grazing - the typical habitat in which I've seen them in Wales.

Forester male
Forester habitat
I saw about 7 on each site; all were fresh looking males and presumably newly emerged. I suspect there could be a big emergence at these sites over the next few weeks, as this highly localised moth can be abundant at certain sites in good years.

The locations were in SN5838 and SN5739. Sam - are these known sites?



  1. I had them down as a possible pSSSI in the late 1980s, after Adrian Fowles did an useful survey for me.

  2. SN5739 has 4 previous records but the other is a new site