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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Ddol Farm, Llanboidy

I met Richard Pryce, Arthur Chater and Rob Shaw near Llanboidy for a day of vascular plant/bryophyte/rust/invert recording.  To our surprise and pleasure, when Richard asked the owner Ddol Farm whether we might visit her ponds to look for plants she was extremely welcoming, and explained how she has been reverting fields to flower-rich hay-meadows, seeing Kingfishers regularly etc.  We did an impromptu Bioblitz and got a good range of plants and bryos, with a huge Aspen taking top prize.  Arthur spotted several common rusts and smuts.  Best moths were a Grass Rivulet (benefitting from burgeoning Yellow-rattle), 2 Elachista albifrontella, and 1 Mompha terminella (photo, compare with M. locupletella).  This scarce Momphid has just 2 previous Carms records, both of leaf mines on Enchanter's Nightshade, so this was a really nice find.

Equally interesting was a Robberfly Leptogaster cylindrica swept from the hayfields.  According to the Soldierflies book there are very few Welsh sites for this species, though I see it regularly in Monmouthshire and I get the impression it may have spread NW in recent years.


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  1. Interesting Sam. Leptogaster cylindrica is already known in Carms - a small asilid that is probably overlooked. My rather few records were, like yours, obtained by sweeping and date back to the mid 1980s (when I started looking at Larger Brachycera).