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Thursday, 25 June 2015

Cwmllwyd 24 June 2015

Great weather for trapping here last night, so the MV trap was set up in the alder grove. 171 moths of 51 species were recorded, including 17 FFY. Among these were:

 Ghost Moth

 Small Fan-foot

 Eleven Mottled Beauty (only two in the whole of 2014)

 Light Emerald


Other FFY included Double Line x 4 (always good to see those), Sharp-angled Peacock x 5, Rivulet, Pebble Hook-tip, True Lover's Knot, Middle-barred Minor, Dusky Brocade and Lesser Yellow Underwing.

1 comment:

  1. Glad that you trapped Steve - it`s really worthwhile at present and it`s a pity that only a few of us are trapping. Your ghost moth almost looks like something from the tropics! The weather looks good again tonight - sometimes it`s worth trapping on consecutive nights as new moths will turn up. The winds are southerly tonight too.
    Vaughn had his best night of the year at his workplace in Glamorgan and he`s been having notable success (including a new pyralid for Glam and Wales, trapping `out and about` rather than the main trap site (see the Glam moth blog).