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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Carmel NNR

The Trust had a Conservation Team Meeting at Carmel yesterday so i thought i'd take the opportunity to put the Actinic trap out in one of the quarries the night before (Sunday). Unforecast rain in the evening and a bit of a breeze meant that there weren't as many moths as i would have liked but we caught the following:
Silver-ground carpet   2
White ermine              3
Heart & dart              3
Common wave          1
Beautiful golden Y     1
Treble lines                2
Flame shoulder          3
Double line                1
Mottled beauty          1
Dot moth                   1
Buff ermine                1

Ingrailed clay             1

During the day we had numerous yellow shells, burnet companions, a flame and my first ever Carms hummingbird hawkmoth visiting the red campion along the verge.


  1. Humming-bird Hawk-moth here at Saron on Valerian this morning.

  2. Good try, Vaughn.
    Paul Sperinck has had a hummer egg-laying in his Felinfoel, Llanelli garden.