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Monday, 15 June 2015

Brynamman today

Richard Smith and I pottered around the footpaths of Brynamman this afternoon, looking for new Marsh Fritillary sites. We only saw two, and at a known site, but did turn up a new site for Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary, with 10 fresh beauties flying in two fields.

We also saw the plume associated with Devil's-bit Scabious, Stenoptilia bipunctidactyla, at a couple of sites, but best of all was a single Marsh Pug in a rushy field. I got a good look at it at rest, but predictably it flew off over a scrub patch, never to be seen again, before I could get a photo. I see from the 2013 list that there were only 3 Carms records up to 2003. Sam - I hope you feel able to accept the record, but I won't be offended if not! I've seen it before in Merioneth, and the small size, broad wings, with no discal spot, combined with habitat, should make it (relatively!) distinctive. It probably isn't all that rare, but I've heard it doesn't come well to light and would be easily overlooked among grass moths etc by day.


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