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Friday, 26 June 2015

Bishop's Pond

I met some colleagues today to look at 'management options' at Bishop's Pond SSSI near Carmarthen Museum.  It's a gem of a site, with pools containing Yellow Waterlily and one of the big Bladderworts (can't remember which, but I IDed it a couple of years ago), and fringes of emergent Glyceria maxima.  As we walked through the Glyceria swamp we disturbed a large pyralid, which I thought was going to be a Chinamark, but when it landed I saw it was one of the big wetland crambids.  We disturbed at least 12 during the rest of the morning.  Later checking with the book, as I don't see them at all regularly, showed them to be Donacaula forficella: the first inland Carmarthenshire record and only the 20th in the county! 

I wonder what other scarce wetland species are present here, as the site has no moth records in the database at all.  I'm keen to do some trapping, perhaps deploying Heath traps or even running some MVs, but I have sold my Heath and taken my generator back to Dingestow.  Anyone up for a recording session if I can secure access permission?


  1. A trapping session may offer instruction and fun for moth group members, as well as generating good records from a potentially rich site. I have a contact email address or the Curator at the Museum, Sam, if you want it. Unfortunately, due to a backlog of sites that I`ve planned to trap at, I cannot absolutely promise to attend, though it would be certainly worthwhile for any mid or mid/north moth group members.
    The Tywi is tidal as far as Abergwili, by the still coastal, in a sense.

  2. I'll come along if possible and could bring work MV trap and generator

  3. I would love to come along if its in the next three weeks, after that I`m immobile after hip surgery. I`m a complete novice so would like to learn.
    By the way my e-mail address is not as shown on this post anyone know how to change it?