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Thursday, 14 May 2015

Wharley Point, Llansteffan, 13th May.

Yesterday was lovely weather, and I went for a walk with the dog at Wharley Point, primarily to look for signs of the Greater Broomrape that I'd found there in abundance a few years ago. I did find them, just starting to show - in a a couple of weeks they should be in full flower.

A few leps were seen - several Speckled Yellows, and a couple of Wall Browns - a species I so rarely see in Carms.


  1. You are quite right re wall browns,`s now a scarce species. I think that I only saw it once myself last year (at Ragwen Pt, Pendine), whereas in my youth it was not infrequent on sunny laneside banks etc...memories of an old man!
    As you know, the coastal path SE of Llansteffan is a regular haunt of speckled yellows...but they can be quite localised in Carms - and very scarce in the SE.

  2. Thankyou Jon. I used to see Wall Brown regularly at Dingestow (inland Monmouthshire) in my youth, but not for nearly 30 years ... memories of a fairly old man!