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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Seen at last

Whilst dodging the showers yesterday afternoon (5th May @ 14.00) walking the dogs round the Ffos Las ponds, I could hear at least 5 different grasshopper warblers calling from different directions.  These are very frustrating birds to try to photograph as they don't sing from obvious vantage points and are very timid, so I was thrilled to see one singing from a gorse bush.

It's voice is unmistakable and I've proved to myself, yet again, that it is always worth carrying the camera whatever the weather. I have also heard grasshopper warbler calls in other areas of Ffos Las  and there seem to be more of them this year than previous years.  I certainly have never seen one before, and there can't be many species of day time birds that are regularly on Ffos Las that I haven't seen over the past 4-5 years since the footpaths have been reopened to the general public.

I include this photo purely because it is "cute".  A robin nested in the back corner of my potting shed and this is the last of the fledglings a couple of days before it finally flew away. I grow a lot of veg and flowers so have had to grab tools, pots and compost as quickly as possible every time that I need them and kneel on the path half way up the garden to do my sowing and pricking out so as not to disturb the nest.  The hole in the perspex window where they have gained entry may or may not be repaired in the autumn!

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  1. You did well to get the photo of the grasshopper warbler! I`ve only had `lousy views` over the years, though I have heard them many times.