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Sunday, 10 May 2015


Set the trap last night but my alarm didn't go off so didn't get out to empty trap until 6 - at which point a pair of magpies were marching around it...not sure how many they got but there was still a handful of moths visible and no obvious remains so hopefully not too many.

I had 40 moths of 17 species in total with a most new for the year due to lack of trapping including buff-tip, red sword-grass, pebble prominent, swallow and lesser swallow prominents, water carpet, red-green carpet, red twin-spot carpet, small phoenix, white ermine, flame shoulder and scalloped hazel.


  1. Excellent haul there, Vaughn. I'm so looking forward to some warm, calm nights!

  2. Thanks Steve - there was also a chunky sexton beetle (Nicrophorus humator) bumbling around inside the trap too.