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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

News from Richard Smith of Butterfly Conservation

Please see below,

Just by way of update,
  • the Carms Butterfly & Moth Group are encouraging people to look for Tiger moths & Forester moths this spring/summer, so if you go to any interesting sites, it's worth keeping an eye open.
  • There's an open week for BC's Median Farm reserve at Cross Hands in early June
  • A couple of people have expressed an imterest in photographing BH caterpillars. Likely to be early June, so if you're interested in joining in, let me know.
  • David Redhead is running a Butterfly ID course in late July at Cilgerran.
  • Late August/September, there will be a training day for anyone interested in helping to monitor or survey MF larval webs in Carms (Carms now has most sites of any county in Wales).
  • Likely to be a BH viewing day in early September. 
If interested, let me know  ( and I'll pass on to the various organisers.

Richard Smith

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  1. Just to add to Richard’s comments, the Median Farm open week runs from 30th May to 7th June. If you are interested in coming along please email so that we can update you on which day/days we’ll be there – we’ll pick days to fit with the best weather to maximise the chance of seeing Marsh Fritillaries and other species. There will also be some moth trapping on at least one evening.