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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Mynydd Mawr Woodland Park

I only discovered the north end of Mynydd Mawr Woodland Park late last summer despite Ian's regular mentions of its Orange Underwings.  I was too late to score many Micros there on my 3 visits, although the leafminers were pretty diverse.  The flower-rich slopes of this brownfield site look really good for Micros and I'm intending to visit regularly this summer during lunch breaks.  Today's visit was marred a bit by patchy cloud and constant wind (it always seems to be too windy for netting moths when I go to Mynydd Mawr), but I had 21 moth species in 40 minutes, most of which were new for the 1km square.

Highlights were: 2 Small Yellow Underwing (poor photo), larval mines of Eriocrania semipurpurella on Birch, 20+ Ancylis badiana, 1 Marbled White-spot, 1 Burnet Companion, a few Aspilapterix tringipenella and a female Cosmiotes freyerella.  Nothing of particular note, but more sweeping/beating on a non-windy day is sure to produce some good moths!


  1. Interesting Sam. Have a look, if you get a chance, at the `upslope` areas towards Tumble - and there`s more sheltered woodland areas along the main track through the woodland etc. Have n`t trapped for a good few nights now.

  2. The further bits are more of a drive from Cross Hands, so trickier for a lunch hour. I'll give them a try though.

    A quick diurnal session today at Pant y Deudwr (SN564121) produced Eriocrania semipurpurella mines, plus Cream Wave, Ancylis badiana, Epiblema cynosbatella and lots of Micropterix aruncella. Dull species but additions to the 1km list.