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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Moth-less at Pwll - a brief post.

By moth-less I don`t mean a poor return from my trap as I have n`t bothered in this wild and windy weather. The spare time generated by not having to trap and i/d moths etc has allowed me to catch up with some of those miscellaneous small jobs and chores of life and, having done today`s list of tasks, I rewarded myself with bit of a `moth read`.
I looked at the earlier moth newsletters, written and edited by Jon Baker (see the link to the newsletter archive to the right of the blog page then go to `previous newsletters`) and I enjoyed reading Jon`s interesting text and seeing his top-notch photos.
In the June 2006 issue, there was an entry that gave a real flavour of that great moth immigration year when he commented regarding the bordered straw, " this June there has been a quite phenomenal invasion. On two visits to Pembrey dunes [= Pembrey Burrows] at dusk it was the commonest noctuid nectaring at flowers....probably hundreds were in the Pembrey area at the time".
Elsewhere in the 2006 newsletters are reports of other scarce migrants - have a read!
I hope, perhaps in vain, that 2015 will bring migrants in the quantity and variety of 2006, our last really good migration year.

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