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Sunday, 17 May 2015

Micropterix in Abundance

Spurred on by Paul Parsons' recent blog on the Glamorgan site I searched for Micropterix spp. in the garden this afternoon and found plenty of them, not only on Buttercups but on Bluebells and Wild Strawberry flowers as well.  As far as I could tell, though, they were all Micropterix calthella.

I did put two actinic traps out last night but the catch was modest. 15 moths of 11 species were recorded, the only notable arrival being a Barred Umber.


  1. I saw the Paul Parsons post too....I may pop quickly to the local bluebell woods tomorrow!

    1. Good luck with that, Ian. I gather that the black head is what gives M. mansuatella away if the wing markings are a difficult to see. Our bluebells are past their best now but the May blossom is about to emerge so I will be keeping an eye on that from now on.

  2. I had M.aruncella (and calthella) at Castle Woods today and a possible mansuatella at Parc Slip yesterday but need to download photos to check (probably wishful thinking...)

  3. I`ve just returned after making use of a short, sunny (if windy) break in the weather, but I only had calthella at two woodland sites - unfortunately.

  4. A quick scout around in the garden has revealed a few calthella on buttercups and strawberries but none on the bluebells, which are a bit droopy after all the rain last night and this morning. The blustery wind doesn't seem to stop these little moths from getting out and about.