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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Llansteffan moths

I thought I would post something as I haven't had great success with trapping, numbers seem low and species not abundant.  I did trap on the 24th and had 9 species and 16 moths altogether.
I'm having better success in net sweeping.  I have gone out in sunshine and taken photo's of anything that flies basically, I didn't know there are so many different flies about of different colours, anyway I will put on some photo's of my catches, some moth's I can't i/d so I'll put a question mark by for help, as always many thanks for any help I receive.

I have discovered a small pond and managed to get 3 different Dragonflies on it.
Large Red Damselfly

 Azure Damselfly

Distant shot of Broad-bodied Chaser

 Two flies
 Daddy long of legs of sorts
 Flies again
 Shield Bug
 Many Speckled Yellows flying counted at least 7
 Swept this moth off wet grassland near a little pond?
 This was swept also from the same place as above
 I think this is Nemophora degreerella?

 These are Micropterix calthella but the one on the left is different, if I'd known at the time I would have taken more pictures. Help needed with this one.


  1. Speckled Yellow! Well done Mel; I'm jealous - never seen it. Jon Baker's 2006 Report "Local and scarce;" Sam's 2013 Report shows only 33 logged in Carmarthenshire up to 2012.

  2. First pair of flies are hoverflies, Helophilus sp.

    Fly with orange wing bases is Noon fly, Mesembrina meridiana.

    Shieldbug is Gorse Shieldbig.

    The red weevil on gorse is the Hazel Leaf-roller Weevil - always nice to see.

    The first micro is Epiblema, looks like scutulana but it's a tricky genus.

    Second micro is Glyphipterix thrasonella. The final one with the Micropterix is G. simpliciella.

  3. Thanks George, you've named them all, many many thanx.

  4. ...apart from the cranefly and the greenbottle :-)