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Saturday, 23 May 2015

Lesser Business at Maenol

Sam, I'm tempted to suggest that it's not so much the type of trap you use but your location that does the business for you!  I too had an MV trap out last night at the back and a small actinic at the front, and between them they managed only 40 moths of 24 species.  Never mind, for my location that's quite a good result, although I confess to being slightly disappointed because conditions seemed to be ideal - mild, overcast and with a fairly light wind.  The highlight for me was a Marbled Brown, which I haven't seen for two years.

Also worthy of mention was a smallish, pale Pug which I believe is an Oak-tree Pug, but I'd welcome a second opinion on this, if possible, from the photo:

A final note: my MV trap did attract considerably more moths than the small actinic one, but the majority of them remained outside the trap.  Both traps on opening contained only 8 moths.

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