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Friday, 8 May 2015

Election night surprise!

There was a low turnout at Cwmllwyd last night, with Hebrew Character accounting for 46 of the paltry 68 moths seen. In fact, only 7 species bothered to turn up at all. The big surprise, however, was this Autumn Green Carpet; a very late individual, out of hibernation.

 Autumn Green Carpet

A rather battered specimen with a leg and part of a hindwing missing. I am confident of the identity of this moth. Now I have a problem - five days ago I posted a photo of a moth I believed to be a Red-green Carpet; but there are remarkable similarities to this latest capture. Unfortunately, I did not check the underwing of the earlier moth, which may have resolved any doubt. The black darts along the outer edge of the central crossband are not obvious on the earlier moth, whereas those along the outer edge of the forewing do not appear on today's moth. None of us in Carmarthen Moth Group have much experience of this species, but I would value any input which may help. I again post the photo of the earlier moth, below.

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  1. I've now spent some time checking pictures on, in Chris Manley's excellent new British Moths photographic guide and my own shots of five individuals and I find that the black darts that I mentioned are sometimes present in one position, sometimes both and are clearly not a great diagnostic tool. I may have to conclude that both moths are Autumn Green Carpet - the most recent certainly is. Your feedback would be most welcome.