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Friday, 8 May 2015

Election Night: - late results from Pwll

I`m afraid that it was a little bit of a late count at Pwll, pending other tasks to do (and tiredness!). In fact, it was a fair moth night - not particularly large numbers nor diversity, but 19 spp. which, after the recent famine of moths, was n`t too bad. There were also two migrants - singles each of dark sword grass and silver y, and a couple of FFYs - broken-barred carpet and puss moth. As with Steve and Chris, I too have a micro query (see below) for which I`d be grateful for an opinion.

                                                               Above: puss moth.

                                                      Above: broken-barred carpet.

                                          Above: is this a faded/pale Cochylis atricapitana?

Above: another photo, which may aid the determination of this moth (see Barry`s suggestion under `comments).


  1. There's a hint of molliculana there, but dont have a book to hand to check...

  2. Thanks Barry...any views George/Sam please?

  3. I`ve just been reading up re molliculana. If it`s any help, there`s plenty of the food-plant (bristly oxtongue) growing locally.

  4. It looks pretty worn, I wouldn't like to put a name to that from the pic!

    C molliculana has been spreading into Glamorgan from the east, but has only reached Rhoose as far as I know, so would be a bit of a jump...