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Monday, 25 May 2015

Carmel NNR

Spent a few hours wandering around Carmel today hoping for a marsh frit but no luck (only saw one butterfly - a green-veined white - the whole time is was there actually). I was a bit more successful on the moth front however:
- plenty of Micropterix calthella and Cydia ulicetana
- an Ancylis badiana
- a cinnabar
- a silver-ground carpet
- a common carpet
- a brown silver-line
- a water carpet
- a drinker moth caterpillar

There were also a few i wasn't sure of:
 Is this Eudonia mercurella?
Cauchas rufimitrella? It's behaving correctly but i can't see any sign of the reddish crown...
Disturbed from rushes, the closest i could get to an id was Glyphipterix thrasonella?
Another one disturbed from rushes and very badly photographed. Bactra lancealana?


  1. Cydia ulicetana (aka Grey Gorse Piercer) was also found on Gorse at Cwmllwyd today, while Micropterix calthella was seen on Welsh Poppies (a food plant first for me!) yesterday.

  2. Scoparid looks like Scoparia pyralella, albeit a rather dull-coloured one. Should be a little bigger than typical mercurella. In mercurella the outer white cross band isn't broken, so that a white X is formed by the outer two crossbands.

    Longhorn - I guess it's probably rufimitrella, though I've not seen any on cuckooflower without an orange crown.

    Agree with thrasonella. Should be abundant in any rush pasture over the next few weeks.

    I'm sure you're right with the last one though it's hard to tell from the pic.