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Monday, 18 May 2015

Brown Argus map

Following on from Maggie`s exciting find of a brown argus (which I dismissed as a common blue!) at Ffos-las near Trimsaran recently (see her blog), I include below a map that I prepared back in 1988. The map shows its distribution in Carmarthenshire and, as you can see, it is a coastal species. The brown argus depends on storksbill as food for its caterpillars but Maggie`s recent record is the first inland record, unless others know of any additional ones. The big circle on the map refers to an unlocalised record for SN31.


  1. According to the Butterfly Conservation website the main caterpillar food plants of brown argus are common storksbill and dove's foot cranesbill. There have apparently also been recent reports of egg laying on meadow cranesbill, cut leaved cranesbill and hedgerow cranesbill. I know that there are cranesbills on Ffos Las so I'm now going to need to photograph all the cranesbills that I can find to try to identify them! Hopefully there will be a suitable food plant and more brown argus will be seen on site. It may be worth sowing the appropriate seeds on the adjacent Woodland Trust site with the ongoing work there with trees and areas of open meadow planned.

  2. Dove`s-foot cranesbill is a quite possible candidate at Ffos-las.