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Saturday, 23 May 2015

Brechfa does the business

I feel slightly guilty reporting moth 69 spp (62 macro and 7 micro) to MV here last night, as others are all sounding so disappointed.  I think MV does tend to do better at this time of year anyway.  Highlights included:

1 Dark Brocade (photo)
1 Fox Moth (photo)
1 Alder Kitten & 1 Sallow Kitten
1 Acleris literana (photo)
9 species of Pug including 1 Ochreous Pug (photo)
3 Lunar Thorn
18 Peppered Moth
6 Puss Moth
6 Great Prominent
8 Least Black Arches
6 Poplar Hawkmoth & 1 Elephant Hawkmoth
and what looks to be my first ever Autumn Green Carpet (photo) with very pale hindwings, no sign of red at all, and relatively broad wings; thoughts from others would be welcome.

Acleris literana & Dark Brocade 

Fox Moth & Lunar Thorn
putative Autumn Green Carpet

Ochreous Pug (pale wings, long black dot, acute wings)


  1. Absolutely brilliant, Sam. What an amazing collection of moths and, for what it's worth, I'm certain that your moth is, in fact, Autumn Green Carpet. I would certainly claim it if I had had the good fortune to catch that one. I believe that the outer cross line on the underside of the wing, composed of a series of unjoined daggers, is a very useful diagnostic tool in addition to the colour and patterns of the topside. Necessary caveat: I've only seen the species five times, but these total ten individuals.

  2. Well done Sam, I wish I could catch half of them. My last trap on the 21st had 12 species. :-(
    In the garden last night and something really loud was buzzing around, I thought, here we go big moth coming, but alas it was a May beetle.

  3. The Chloroclysta is a real teaser. My gut reaction was that it looked too dark for AGC, especially with a fairly prominent dorsal median patch. However, looking at, the first image looks very close to yours and the pale upperside to the hindwing is very pro-AGC. I'm not sure to be honest, but it does not look like a typical AGC to me, but then I've not seen that many. Great catch btw with no fewer than '6' Great Prominents!

  4. Thanks Barry. It didn't look quite that dark in real life - it landed on a white wall and that offered an open-winged shot I wouldn't normally get for such a troublesome genus. However, it wasn't as pale as most on-line photos of AGC. The hindwing was very pale on both underside and upperside, although I couldn't photograph the upperside of the hindwing. I should have kept it for dissection I guess.

  5. Photographs on white walls can be very deceptive - I'm sure you're right with AGC