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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Some moth snippets...

I found this tiny Mompha on my house wall at Pwll yesterday - is it M. bradleyi? (look at the expanded white marking, almost like a skull with two eyes, in the middle of the `back` though I`m not sure whether that is diagnostic or not).  If someone can confirm or correct the i/d of this micro-moth, I`d be grateful - I may well be wrong...thanks. Apologies for the (typically) poor photo and, as always, click on it to enlarge.

The clear and cold nights are not optimum for moth trapping but the warm, sunny days are good for seeing butterflies (with several brimstones out again at Ffordd y Wagen, Pwll - per Paul Sperinck), and I spotted an orange underwing this afternoon, typically atop a birch tree at a site near Myrtle Hill, east of Five Roads. Perhaps, predictably with such a restless high-flier, I have n`t got a photo of this moth but offer instead a `habitat photo` - note the birches in the nearby hedgerow (where I saw it with the aid of binoculars) and the purple hue of the many birches in the distant woodland.

Postscript: I`ve just seen George`s comments regarding Mompha/divisella and bradleyi on the Glamorgan moth site, and I`m further confused regarding this species pair, so any comments George are welcome!. I`ve still got the specimen.


  1. It does look a good candidate for bradleyi - the basal area is much darker than recent images on the Glam and Ceredigion blogs which are probably divsella. Do you have any VC44 records of bradleyi? I think this species would always need dissecting to be sure anyway.

  2. There are no records on Sam`s 2013 vc44 list. I`ll retain the specimen - thanks once more George.

  3. I have gen det M bradleyi from VC35 but there are no 44 records yet. M divisella seems to be getting commoner here. Please send me the potential bradleyi, which I agree looks promising.

  4. I've just confirmed this as a female M bradleyi, new for Carms. Well done Ian.