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Monday, 27 April 2015


I didn't manage to trap at all over the weekend so my only moth fix was a male Muslin seen resting on a wall in Llandeilo. I did visit home in Salem and was dismayed to see that Salem Common has been burnt again - and very thoroughly this year:
This is where I recorded Forester and Marsh Fritillary last year - difficult to imagine them being seen here this year, not to mention the lizards etc. which were seen.

I did see some lepidoptera on a brief walk around Castle Woods though - my first holly blue of the year as well as a large white, a few orange-tips, a comma, some green-veined/small whites and a speckled wood. My first Carms odonata too - a large red damselfly which hadn't quite managed to emerge fully and was flying around with it's partially-shed larval skin hanging from its abdomen.

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