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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Moth for identification

Spent the weekend of the 11th/12th April in Carmarthenshire - our friends live somewhere between Llandeilo and Llandovery and Lampeter (SN7036) In the past I have taken my traps but they now have their own, which they occasionally use so I put it for the three nights. First night was the best, second night wasn't too bad and the third night well wasn't really worth the time and effort. On the first night I recorded White-marked and Red Chestnut. White-marked isn't a Hertfordshire species that was good.
I got the White-marked confirmed by the Herts Moth Group which is my regular patch The second star of the show on night two - Red Sword-grass!!! Again not a Hertfordshire species
However, what the Herts Moth Group wouldn't confirm was my next moth. I had initially thought it a Early Tooth-striped as I had recorded this at the site before but when I went to enter the records in Mapmate, it announced it was an early date, was I I had another look. Whereas the other photos has been taken properly this one isn't that good as I knew there was no point in trying to remove it from the egg box. Needless to say I didn't measure it either......... I wondering if it is Mottled Grey.
Hope some one can confirm Thanks Liz Goodyear normally in Hertfordshire!


  1. Hi Liz, welcome to the joys of mothing in Carmarthenshire. Mottled Grey was reported in the county on 11 March this year and I'm pretty confident that that's what you have caught. Check out this photo on UK Moths: - it looks a bit similar to your moth, doesn't it. We've had Early Tooth-Striped in the county since 7 April, but I don't think that's what you've found. Others more expert than me may care to confirm, but meantime I hope this helps. Well done with your Red Sword-grass, too.

  2. Thanks for getting in touch Liz. White-marked is something of a Carms speciality, but this is the first record for SN73 so many thanks!! Red Sword-grass is a little more frequent and there is a pre-2000 record for that 10km square. SN73 remains a very under-recorded part of the county, albeit with a recent boost from Isabel Macho at Cilycwm.

    The county dataset has 113 of your records, dating from 2004, 06, 07 and 09. I'm guessing that you sent them to my predecessor as county recorder, Jon Baker. Have you recorded here at all over the last 6 years? If so, your records would be greatly appreciated! I also have no other records for SN6963/SN7063, so perhaps your friends have some records they'd like to send too :-) With uplands to the east there's a good chance they/you will catch some more really good moths.

    I agree with Steve on the Mottled Grey.

  3. Thank you for confirming Mottled Grey. I will do my best to encourage my friends to submit all their records. They are not fanatics like I am :). Their 'garden' is split between SN63 and SN73 literally. SN73 has the power supply!