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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Median Farm today

We moved about 100 tonnes of logs (perhaps a slight exaggeration) from the fields to the yard at Median Farm, Cross Hands today. Pausing to catch our breath regularly, we were treated to the sight of quite a few spring butterflies: several Orange-tips, Brimstones (male and female), Small Tortoiseshells, a Small White and a Peacock. A few Marsh Fritillary larvae were noted in the rhos pastures - these had 'gone solo' but were still quite small. There were also a few males of the longhorn moth Adela cuprella dancing around the tops of the sallows.

During our lunchbreak, we watched a female Small Tortoiseshell egg laying on nettles in the yard - see photo below.
Newly-laid Small Tortoiseshell eggs

A Grasshopper Warbler was reeling when we arrived- always a delight to hear.


  1. Adela Cuprella would be a VC1st. (my previous comment is not showing up)

  2. Sam recorded it last year (see last year`s April blogs). There was also some discussion between Sam and I re an old record/s of mine from Pembrey Forest which was either incorrect or otherwise unreliable. This winter, whilst going through some old paper notes, I found another record of cuprella (this time `det Barry Stewart`). I`ll have to dig out that record for consideration, but I recall it was c early/mid 1990s and near Stradey Woods.

  3. ah ok, I was away last April so didn't see,

  4. No problems Jon. There was some discussion of the Carms cuprella records under the 26.4.14 entry on last year`s moth blog. As there has been a couple of Glamorgan or Carms records in recent days, I decided to make a visit to the areas of creeping willow in Pembrey Forest where I believed I had recorded it in the late 1980s/early 1990s. Since then, there has been quite a bit of succession and some clearance, and most of the creeping willow is not quite yet in flower, but I was able to see Adela (at three sub-sites) and I took a specimen from one locality. It looks like cuprella to me and, like my observations of earlier years, was flying over Salix repens flowers. I`ll be taking photos once it has cooled down (perhaps tomorrow morning) and will post on the blog.