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Sunday, 19 April 2015


I also trapped on Friday night, a few Quakers but numbers dwindling, a couple of Engrailed and two micro's which I need help with. Elachista (canapennella)?
I also had a Diamond-backed & Oak Nycteoline. Many thanks.


  1. I think the Elachistid is a Cosmiotes, probably C freyerella because of the grubby-looking head and neck. That's quite regular here in April, unlike most Elachista. It's hard to be certain from a photo though.

    The Coleophora should be C otidipenella or C striatipenella this early, but looks rather dark for both. Again a certain ID from a photo isn't a great idea.

  2. Thanks Sam, as both were so tiny the photo's aren't great.

  3. The photos are great, it's just that these are two of our most difficult moth families. Dissection would be the ideal.

  4. Ok thanks, I was hoping to get better at i/d but lol I catch two difficult moths. Actually I had two of the first moth!

  5. If it was in my Cardiff garden I'd have called it Elachista canapennella, but not sure of the common Carms species in this family.