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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Getting warmer

A little bit warmer at Cwmllwyd last night resulting in 75 moths of 12 species at the MV trap. Firsts for 2015 were:

Early Tooth-striped

Brindled Beauty


  1. That`s really good`re top `vc44 moth-man` at present! I`ll give it a try tonight. There`s southerly winds forecast for the next couple of out for migrants.

  2. Nice photos - you can make out the slight greenish wash of the ETS, which is always a help with identifying this species.

  3. ....a handy hint - little i/d tips like that are always worthwhile.

  4. Greenish tint - a handy hint. You're right, Ian and thanks to George for posting it. The colour was rather more obvious than shows in the photo.