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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Cwmllwyd 14 April 2015

I put out both traps last night: the little actinic in the wetland (where it wasn't very successful - only 7 species of common early spring moths) and the MV in the alder grove. The MV attracted 71 moths of 14 species, with 3 FFY. These were Brindled Pug and 2 migrants - Silver Y and Dark Sword-grass, singles of each. I'm quite happy with that, for we're not best placed for migrants up here on the north side of the mountain.

Dark Sword-grass.


  1. Still worth it to get those migrants - apart from Mel`s hummer, the first for the year. I did consider doing the home trap last night but was feeling `variably grotty` with a lingering cold - not had one all winter (and boasted about that fact) and then, on comes a cold! That`ll teach me not to boast.

  2. 22:00 Wednesday 15 April - just found a Streamer (FFY) in the living room: don't know how, or when it came in.