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Saturday, 11 April 2015


I saw a Brimstone Butterfly at Median Farm on Thursday 9th April.  I assume they are relatively regular in that part of the county...


  1. Glad that your mothing yielded some results ( I`ve not seen a white-marked) last night actually got quite cold and windy here so - in spite of me suggesting that others should try trapping - I did n`t trap myself. Thurs night was much calmer and significantly warmer. Away from the Llanelli coast, where post-1990 plantings of alder buckthorn have much aided this butterfly, the brimstone is scarce in Carms. On the `Cross Hands and southwards` part of the Coalfield, alder buckthorn occurs sparingly in hedgerows - hence some brimstone records. I`ve also seen this shrub occasionally in hedgerows in the Cilycwm-Rhandirmwyn area in the past. Certainly, brimstones are always worth recording, esp away from the Llanelli stronghold.

  2. I saw one at Median Farm last year.